What is a Waifu and Who are the To Waifus of All Time

Posted by Anime Dakimakura Pillow on 23rd Feb 2023

What is a Waifu and Who are the To Waifus of All Time

"Waifu" is a term that originated in anime and manga fan culture, and it refers to a fictional character (usually a female) whom one is romantically or sexually attracted to. 

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It is often used in the context of anime, manga, and video games, and is primarily used by fans to express their love and admiration for a particular character. The term is derived from the Japanese word "waifu" (ワイフ) which is a slang term for "wife."

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Check out these Top and Hottest Waifus here in ADP:

  1. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online 
  2. Boa Hancock from One Piece 
  3. Rias Gremory from High School DxD Erza 
  4. Scarlet from Fairy Tail 
  5. Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion 
  6. Saber from Fate/Stay Night 
  7. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan 
  8. Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura 
  9. Marin Katagawa from My Dress-Up Darling 
  10. Kurumi Tokisaki - Date A Live 
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