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Your Anime Pillow Buddy!

Introducing Your Anime Pillow Buddy!

?? Once upon a time, in the mystical year of 2005, the Anime Dakimakura Shop burst forth from the minds of creative geniuses (or maybe just bored folks) with a plan: what if we could transform your beloved anime characters into life-sized huggable pillows? Yes, you heard it right, it's like giving your favorite characters a cuddle upgrade! ✨?

Since then, we have evolved to become a manufacturer and wholesaler of authentic High-Quality Japanese dakimakura. We also have our own online shop, which we operate under our own brand "Anime Dakimakura Pillow (ADP)," selling directly to retail customers. Hence, we ensure quality and customer service are top-notch.

We work closely with independent artists and Japanese OEM suppliers for over 10+ years, handling wholesale and bulk orders. Another exciting segment of our customer base includes those who commission designers to create specific characters or artwork, asking us to craft custom pillow covers. We make sure to share our profits with these creative artists, like the modern-day Robin Hood of anime pillows! Our fabric is carefully imported from Osaka, and we've even been entrusted with producing large orders of dakimakura prints for anime studios.




We've discovered that finding a nearby place to purchase a Dakimakura (or "anime pillows") can be quite the quest, much like seeking hidden treasures. Our mission is to bridge this gap by providing one of the most extensive collections of anime characters on premium-quality covers. ◕‿◕

We're a team of super hardworking individuals, driven by cosmic energy and fueled by passion. With a fantastic team at our side, we're truly grateful to serve the ever-growing demand from the Anime community and extend our heartfelt appreciation to customers all around the world!

5 Dakimakura Quality Control Process

1. Our designers embark on their quest by validating the image and transforming it into a printer-friendly format for production. ?️
2. The image might undergo a touch of magic—well, color enhancement and fine-detail wizardry—before it's ready for production.
3. We conjure a "test" image print on a matte paper, sized just right, to foretell the magical outcome.
4. Once both the stars and the test align perfectly, we bring forth the hand-sewn dakimakura pillow cover, ready to bear the image's mark.
5. If the cosmic forces hint at any potential hiccup in quality, our trusty production team signals the alarm (cue customer service!), and we embark on a journey to seek your guidance, the brave adventurer, to decide the fate of the order.

And so, behold the enchanting saga of Your Anime Pillow Pal, where dreams, art, and cuddles intertwine to create an epic tale of comfort and joy. May your dakimakura adventures be forever snuggly and filled with laughter! ??




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Anime Dakimakura Pillow Shop

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日本大阪 Osaka, Japan


Most of our items are shipped from the Asia Pacific warehouse, but we have some items that may ship directly from the nearest logistics center to ensure products reach you faster and easier!


North America Logistics Center

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AZ. 85043.

Asia-Pacific Logistics Center

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