Reasons to Buy No Game No Life Anime Collectibles

The light novel series No Game No Life by Kamiya Yuu has reached its peak to fandom since way back 2017. It has established its name ever since and anime collectors has been fond of adding unique figures and designs. The clever characters are just irresistible! Apart from their infallible trust in each other, Shiro and Sora team are smart. Genius-level smart. Every episode, they win at games using their sharp logic and forward thinking, often taking their enemies by surprise.

WishingTikal is one of the many Anime Gamer influencers that took its collection to another level and recently created a review of her No Game No Life Dakimakura. ★WishingTikal★ currently has 555,000+ YouTube followers and growing more. She just recently added Shiro Anime designs from this best selling anime collection. 

"It's so soft. I very love it. It's so cute!" - WishingTikal

Top 3 Reasons Why Choose No Game No Life Anime Designs

1. Bring Your Imagination to Another Level

A pillow companion that you can cuddle all night. Like with a lot of game stories (Yu-gi-oh for example), you know the main character’s going to win. But with this one, you just don’t know how. There are hints what the characters are going to do yet you can’t see it until you reread the series again. Even a second time reading, you’re still in awe over the details and meticulous planning that goes into writing these games.

2. Play Body 24/7

Looking for a play buddy? Shiro and Sora would surely love to join you! It’s a battle system using GAMES. No swords, guns or weapons. All conflicts from petty disagreements to wars are solved with games. Board games, video games, card games, even rock paper scissors! It’s a unique way to build a world. Lots of opportunities to use this idea without magic but with, it’s incredible what the author comes up with.

3. The Unusual Characters

Sora and Shiro are unique. Anyone could easily see them as a pervert recluse and cold shut-in. However, they have a past that describes how they got to be that way and it makes sense. The way they see the world makes you relate to them. While they might seem to only care about games but you eventually see they do what they do because they care.

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