ASMR Triggers for Sleep with Dakimakura

If you're having trouble sleeping and you've tried everything, having someone whisper in your ear to create what's known as autonomous sensory meridian response might be just what you need. If you're not in the know about ASMR, and you're not sure how ASMR helps with sleep, know millions of people have turned to ASMR videos on YouTube to help them manage stress, mental health, and yes, even get to sleep sleep. For most people who do experience it, the blissful tingling starts up in the scalp and then makes its way through the body to the arms and legs.

Each person's ASMR triggers are different, and they're can be related to things that soothed you in childhood. For example, someone speaking softly to you or the sound of a back being scratched can transport you back to a time when you felt safe and relaxed, which in turn can help you fall asleep. It's sort of like being in a cocoon where nothing bad can get near you. Watch how Kitti Minx, an influencer with over 48K subscribers, create an ASMR video with Custom Made Dakimakura Character. 

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