What are some common clichés in Manga/Anime?

Posted by Anime Dakimakura Pillow on 16th May 2022

 What are some common clichés in Manga/Anime?

Who doesn't love anime series? Whether it's Levi, Light Yagami, or Monkey D.Luffy, we have our special anime characters whom we adore the most. The anime world has some massive exotic stories and some common cliches, which makes them sometimes too predictable. Japanese animation has grabbed the eyeballs from all over the world because of its diverse content, mass characters, and outstanding visuals. With an increasing fan base, it's no longer secret that anime is widely accepted content by gen-z and gen-y. Moreover, every coin has two sides, too, in anime, which sometimes makes it a run-of-the-mill thing.

To know more about such common cliches in anime, continue to read this blog.

Black Hearted turns into a Lily White

You have seen anime series where a character is likely a devil or foe, but ultimately after some episodes, the same guy turns into an uncorrupted one. This kind of storyline has the most common convention that creators use. The most famous villain who eventually turns into a good one is Vegeta-The Dragonball universe.

The famous seaside scene

There is one common episode where characters are shown to be on the beach. These episodes are like fresh air from intense scenes where all the characters are dressed up in a much sexier way than usual and enjoy the fullest on the beach. These shore scenes are often made to show goofiness around the characters.

When you think the villain is dead

In anime, long, intense fight scenes are a delight to watch. And those flight scenes have common cliches, which sometimes makes the fans a little bored. Usually, the main character thinks he finally killed the villain and then slightly smiles at his companion to share the joy. But no! The bad guy is still not down and ready to give a hard battle to the hero.

Showing the female characters in a sexy attires

No anime series is completed without showing hot anime girls in compelling outfits, which is primarily sexy in its way. It's pretty common in anime to display seductive dressed-up characters where they have been shown as quite sensual. And yes! The fans love it, but now it's too much expected.

The radiant effect behind the characters

You have seen the glowing effect behind the characters in which the creators tried to show that more it glows compared to other characters means it has bigger power to beat the other one. These effects are often counted as a symbol to show the fighting spirit, anger, or power they use to beat up.

To conclude

Fans have loved anime because of its diversity, creative concepts, and over-the-top visuals, which makes it an effective content to watch. But some common cliches make it a stale one. Above mentioned points have some typical situational-based theory which is too obvious to guess. Furthermore, as an anime fan, you must adore the product which replicates anime designs. At Anime Dakimakura Pillow, we have a wide range of anime and custom-based products, which you should check out.

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