New Super Comfort & Deluxe Grand Siberian Inner Pillow - Dakimakura 150 x 50cm (59in x 19.6in) / 160 x 50cm (63in x 19.6in)

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• Comfortable Hugs and Sleep

• Lightweight and Plushy

• Premium Quality


The Inner Pillow is relatively more expensive due to it's large volume in space (full body pillow size) and it's weight of 1.- 1.7 kg for airmail shipping by Anime Dakimakura Pillow Shop!

Made of 100-percent polyester inside and out, this lovely long pillow body is the perfect size to fill a 50 x 150cm pillowcase! Great quality!

Some customers have asked "Are expensive pillows worth the extra price?" and came to the conclusion of, "YES."

The more expensive pillows will always offer better support and durability than the budget alternatives.



The body pillow encourages side sleeping, which is a healthy sleep position that reduces the likelihood of snoring. It's good for your airway and even better for your partner's happiness.



Straight out of the bag this pillow oozes quality, it's a well made pillow of standard size, with a well stitched and soft cover, with no sign of any filling egress or even any down fibres in the packaging. The first thing everyone does with this pillow is to give it a squeeze, that's when you realise where the money goes; it's awesomely soft, like how I'd imagine hugging a cloud to be, but it quickly springs back into shape beautifully, like it's being inflated with an air hose.



It raises a smile every time our customers use this pillow as we gently sink into it and feel it carefully hugging our head, it's a very comfortable feeling and our customers have had several good nights' sleep with it over a couple of weeks. It's not lost any of it's definition despite plenty of abuse by myself and the kids (who wanted to try it too).

On it's own this pillow is probably only good for back sleepers, it doesn't lift your head much. Because we like a bit of support, our customers have used this lovely pillow on top of a standard medium-density microfibre pillow, this provided just the right elevation for their normal side-sleeping style by Anime Dakimakura Pillow shop.


Pillow Description

Basic Soft


Pillow type: Durable Comfort
  • Euro pillows make a wonderful addition to any bed
  • Pillows include a high-bulk polyester fill
  • Bedding has a 300 thread count cover
  • Available in white color option

Deluxe Grand


Pillow type: Medium-Firm
  • Sink your body into this medium-firm pillow and experience the luxury of Siberian white
  • Ideal for people who sleep on their back or side
  • Pillow features industry-leading 700 fill power
  • Beautiful, eye-catching damask check design
  • Dry clean



Down and feather-filled products are packaged tightly during shipping. Upon receipt, remove this item from its packaging, fluff gently, and allow several hours for full loft recovery. In addition, products sealed in plastic packaging sometimes have a disagreeable scent because of concentrated natural fibers. A few hours of airing typically removes the odor.




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New Super Comfort & Deluxe Grand Siberian Inner Pillow - Dakimakura 150 x 50cm (59in x 19.6in) / 160 x 50cm (63in x 19.6in)
$99.00 - $239.00
New Super Comfort & Deluxe Grand Siberian Inner Pillow - Dakimakura 150 x 50cm (59in x 19.6in) / 160 x 50cm (63in x 19.6in)
$99.00 - $239.00

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