Why Stephanie Michelle LOVES our body pillow?

5th Aug 2020

Why Stephanie Michelle LOVES our body pillow?

Stephanie is a successful youtuber with over 220k followers. She loves sharing cosplay and anime on her channel. Stephanie is a big fan of the ADP body pillow and she even created a video explaining why she loves it and how she uses it!

3 Reasons Stephanie loves the ADP body pillow:

1.Vibrancy of the print - the body pillow has a high resolution image . Stephanie looks at it super close and she actually don't see any dots or lines

2.High quality of cotton-Stephanie thinks the body pillow is soft, soothing and very peaceful

3.High-quality zipper -super easy to remove for cleaning purposes

3 Ways Stephanie Uses her Body Pillow:

1.A passenger in the carpool lane - keep you company on a boring drive

2. Cover up for you on a Friday work - when you want to take break

3. Double book on a date night? - no worries, your body pillow can keep him company

What do you do with your body pillow?

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