Top 7 Signs You Are Hardcore Anime Fan

Posted by Anime Dakimakura Pillow on 23rd Aug 2022

Top 7 Signs You Are Hardcore Anime Fan

Have you heard before about “Otaku”? This could be you if you are a hardcore fan of Anime. In Japanese, Otaku refers to those people who watch and adore anime from the core of their hearts. So do you think you are an Otaku? Well! The question needs an honest answer from the core of the heart of those who dare to dream and be a hardcore anime fan. Hardcore anime fans are someone who just doesn’t watch anime for showoff or to bluff, instead, they create a deep affinity with it which makes them an Otaku. Eventually, Hardcore Anime fans are the ones who have given opportunity to the Anime World to reach the pinnacle.

In the coming section of the blog, you will uncover 7 major points, which will reveal that you might be a Hardcore Anime Fan.

1. You must have been listening one anime song all day long

Are you so mesmerized and smitten by that one anime song that you have listened to recently? And that one melody is now all over your mind the whole day. Hardcore anime fans whiz the whole day that one song that they have listened to from their favourite anime series.

2. Started collecting Anime products

The love for anime is no less than adoring your childhood crush or maybe more. Hardcore anime fans just love to collect things related to anime. It can be anime hugging pillow, anime hoodie, wall posters, or miniatures. Making a collection in respect of their love for anime is just a way of showing affection and staying closer.

3. Revamping hairstyle

The initial signs where you start becoming a hardcore anime fan is when you style your hair like your favourite anime character. It can be Levi, Naruto, and Usagi. Giving a completely new look with a trace of anime is what an Otaku usually do to show their love.

4. Watching non-stop anime series

Binging all day and night, anime series could be a sign that you are a hardcore fan.

Usually, a casual fan watches one or two episodes of anime in a day, but a hardcore fan will finish the season in one shot.

5. Assuming yourself as an anime character

Centre character like Levi Ackerman and Light Yagamiui has wide fan following which makes fan drool over them. Diehard anime fans love those characters so much that they started assuming themselves as anime characters. Sometimes they behave or make an appearance like the character also.

6. Comprehending anime episodes and making predictions about it

Breaking anime episodes or making conspiracy theories, a hardcore anime fan, will dig deeper to find out the reason. And yes their predictions are too right when it comes to final episodes.

7. Gets offend when someone quips about anime

Well, you can’t listen to anything about anime that is not right or has offensive intent. Anime fans can’t take the arrow which has a nasty sense related to anime.

These 7 signs are enough to tell you whether you are an Otaku or not. If yes, then try anime creations at Anime Dakimakura Pillow, where we have ample anime items just for you. 

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