Top 10 Most Popular Sex Toys From Japan

Posted by Anime Dakimakura Pillow on 25th Jul 2022

Top 10 Most Popular Sex Toys From Japan

Pleasure is something that gives you energy, happiness, and satisfaction. And experiencing pleasure in the form of sex toys, which not only satisfies you but also offers new ways of encountering love and attractiveness. The emerging popularity of sex toys in japan can be seen through a wide product range of sex toys for men, women, and couples. Talking about the most popular adult toys is something that is most searched and followed. In this blog, we will discover Japan's most popular sex toys, ruling among the people.

Erotic Onahole

Onahole is one of the most popular sex toy that is used by a large number of people because of its induced orgasm power and real-time experience. The onahole has a soft material that feels gentle to your private parts. The best part of this sex toy is that you can easily control it and get an orgasm.


Let your fantasy be aroused, and your orgasm be met. Boobies are great options when it comes to sex toys. It contains soft and thick material which gives a real experience. It has a great base that allows you to squeeze and cup them around your cock.

Deep Throat Onahole

Onahole (Mastrubation Hole) is a sex toy popularly used by the male section. This masturbation device works as a blow job or artificial pussy. From exotic experience to deadly orgasm, its skin-like material has real-time feeling, which gives a real experience of lovemaking.


Sexy and Realistic! Smooth Buttocks come in as a dual-layer onahole design and has a skin-like texture. Its easy friction mechanism pushes your private parts with ease and surprises you with its performance. Unlock your dirty fantasies with missionary, cowgirl, and doggy positions. Dual holes (pussy and anal) give you a better intimate experience.

Long Legs Onahole

Beautiful long legs are one of the most looked at when it comes to sex toys. If you are a fan of sexy legs with both holes, these soft legs are great for your penetration. Experiment with this sex toy by bending or squeezing, making the overall experience more erotic.

Inflatable Doll

Satisfy your physical needs with our perfect sexy playgirl or inflatable doll. Inflatable doll is popular among men. With a full human-sized doll, you can do lovemaking in different styles, from foreplay to erotic positions. Enjoy your masturbation time and get the ultimate orgasm.

Sex Dolls

The majority of men love sex dolls because of their stunning figures and real-like body experiences. With curvy hips, flat abs, pointy nipples, and tight pussy, sex dolls are most picked when it comes to easy penetration and relieving stress. Try different positions, be on top or low, and get the pleasure.


The vibrator has a real-time experience and guarantees intense orgasms. Great for women, masturbation or vibrator contains a soft silicon rubber surface that allows you to intensify the overall orgasm experience.

Self Lubricating Onahole

Self Lubricating onahole is an innovative sex toy for males which allows you to lubricate without applying external lubrication. Complete your sexual desire and get aroused with this exceptional sex toy.


A vibrator massager offers a satisfying experience of getting an orgasm and feeling aroused. It also works great at discovering self-love and relieving stress and anxiety. Get yourself a sensual massager and let your sex desire be complete.


Exploring different sex toys is no less than reaching the orgasm spot. When it comes to self-satisfaction, it is of utmost importance to pick relevant and good sex toys. That's why at Anime Dakimakura Pillow, we have a wide range of 18+ items, offering a range of pleasure giving adult toys and accessories.

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