ADP Loli and Loli Zero Teens Threesome Onahole | OH-OT-066

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ADP presents The Rori-Ero Gakuen Loli and Zero Threesome Onahole shrinks down a Loli's little, flat-chested body to a size you can wrap right round your cock. Her innocent pussy is super tight at the entrance (so be careful as you enter her) before it widens out a little. With a keep-it-simple structure of nubs and folds, the deeper you go, the more intense the sensation, until you can hold in your orgasm no longer and explode inside her smooth end chamber.

With the more pleasuring Loli Zero, it includes 4 stimulating beads which enhances your masturbatory TWICE the speed of cumming! It simulates Zero with her pussy walls and juices as you enter your dick in that tight hole!


Onaholes are a line of masturbatory aids that are becoming increasingly popular in Japan.The term "Onahole" comes from the Japanese words "Onani" (Masturbation) and "Horu" (Hole) combine the two words and you get the idea, simply it's a male masturbator device, pocket pussy, artificial vagina/anus/mouth etc.

This onahole features a very soft and fat texture resembling a sexy sister's back pussy and ass with textures that hits around your dick with every thrust. The twin sisters have an integrated body frames that is light yet hardwearing. Like in real life, this toy boasts twin holes, giving you even more options for pleasure. The only difficulty is choosing your favorite sister, but who says you can't have both?

In case you are unfamiliar with two layered or dual-layer onahole design, it is where the walls of the tunnel is made from a different material than the rest of the item. This type of design allows for one material that may produce a better tactile feel on the outside while another lines the inner tunnel for a better experience during use. 

  • Easy to clean and works perfectly with water-based lubricants
  • Realistic stimulation makes you feel like the real thing
  • Superb Masturbation Experience with each orgasm
  • Real-life sex sensation is achieved
  • Feels lilke fucking a newly-wed's wet pussy
  • NOTE:
    • Always Clean your Onahole after using it.
    • DO NOT Share your Onahole to others.


Enhanced the knowledge of Your Body - Through experimentation with sex toys, men/ladies will become more responsive to their own pleasure, which may lead them to interact in additional economical and effective throughout their future relationship.

  1. Heightened Self-Confidence - People who have a lot of knowledge of their bodies and their sexual desires become a lot of self-confident in their sexual life.
  2. Controlled Orgasms - The range of toys and also the ability to use them with efficiency leads people to succeed in controlling their orgasms efficiently.
  3. Control Sexual Needs - The utilization of sex toys permits to regulate what, when as well as how they have pleasure. Varying speeds, points of pressure, and completely different toys provide a satisfying and gratifying expertise to be controlled by them.
  4. Good for both Physical and Emotional Health - Originally, Sex Toys was actually invented as a medical tool. Masturbating is a therapy used to stave off “hysteria" — a term doctors applied to depression, anxiety, or emotions in general.



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ADP Loli and Loli Zero Teens Threesome Onahole | OH-OT-066


ADP Loli and Loli Zero Teens Threesome Onahole | OH-OT-066


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