ADP 3D Japanese Bakunyu Ultra Large Boobs | 2.7kg | OH-035

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The Bakunyu Ultra Large Boobs is a  lifelike huge breast appearance of a sexy woman, which you can rub your dick into the middle of the boobs. With its material, weight and texture, it feels just like a real boobs but much bigger. There's no doubt that you'll be absolutely satisfied with a whole new level of titty f*ck!
  • Easy to clean and works perfectly with water-based lubricants.
  • Big breast and nipple you can suck at the same time.
  • Realistic stimulation makes you feel like the real thing.
  • Superb Masturbation Experience with each orgasm.
  • Real-life sex sensation is achieved
  • NOTES:
    • Always Clean your Onahole after using it.
    • DO NOT Share your Onahole to others.


  1. Enhanced the knowledge of Your Body - Through experimentation with sex toys, men/ladies will become more responsive to their own pleasure, which may lead them to interact in additional economical and effective throughout their future relationship.
  2. Heightened Self-Confidence - People who have a lot of knowledge of their bodies and their sexual desires become a lot of self-confident in their sexual life.
  3. Controlled Orgasms - The range of toys and also the ability to use them with efficiency leads people to succeed in controlling their orgasms efficiently.
  4. Control Sexual Needs - The utilization of sex toys permits to regulate what, when as well as how they have pleasure. Varying speeds, points of pressure, and completely different toys provide a satisfying and gratifying expertise to be controlled by them.
  5. Good for both Physical and Emotional Health - Originally, Sex Toys was actually invented as a medical tool. Masturbating is a therapy used to stave off “hysteria" — a term doctors applied to depression, anxiety, or emotions in general.
  Big breast tit fuck
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ADP 3D Japanese Bakunyu Ultra Large Boobs | 2.7kg | OH-035


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