VIP Program FAQ

Exclusive ADP VIP Program FAQs


Anime Dakimakura Pillow is happy to announce our VIP Program. It is designed for our loyal customers who have total purchased amount $500 usd or more. When your total purchase exceeds $500 USD, you will be upgraded to become our VERY-IMPORTANT-PERSON Program and enjoy our Exclusive Benefits!

It’s simple and easy! Just start shopping! We will keep count on how much you have spent. When your total purchase spending exceeds $500, we will send you a congratulatory email notifying your upgrade. As we launch, we have over 1300 VUP customers. We hope you will become our VIP customer soon!

Yes! We will send you an email to notify you when you become our VIP customer. Along the email, we will also explain the benefits and the privileges of becoming our very special VIP!

If your shopping expenditure exceeds USD $500 or more since 2005, you will be automatically upgraded to become our VIP.

Once you become our VIP, you will receive the VIP benefits vouchers in the email. If you want to redeem the code, simply copy the code and apply it at checkout section. Only 1 code can be applied per purchase.

Unfortunately, during sales, points are not able to be redeemed. However, you will still get points for any purchases made during the sale.

Your vip reward points start accumulating the moment you sign up! Besides the 5 reward points you receive upon registration, you can earn 1 point for each USD $1 spent (excluding tax, shipping and handling).

Sorry, you can only redeem points OR use a coupon code, not both.

If you think you are qualified as a VIP customer but haven’t received an email, please contact us at and provide the order number/s of your past purchase. We will reply back within 24 hours! We apologize in advance if there are any systematic error that may led this error occur.

Yes. Occasionally we will offer free shipping as a perk through the program or it be a redeemable option.

Unfortunately we cannot adjust or edit rewards that have already been redeemed.

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