What's  Inside A Dakimakura Waifu Combo

Officially known as “dakimakura” in Japan, body pillows themselves were initially created to be extra-large, soulless feather bags. Thankfully, dakimakura and the Japanese Otaku culture began to meld; beginning in the ‘90s, production of body pillow cases featuring anime boys and girls began to rise in popularity.

Physical benefits

  • A good dakimakura that contours to your body can relieve back and knee pains.
  • The pillow can help with spine alignment, therefore, keeping you comfortable.
  • A lightweight pillow can support the growing body of a pregnant woman in different positions (while sitting or sleeping). It can also prevent the woman from rolling on her back.
  • You can also use one if advised by your physician to relieve pain that prevents you from having a good night sleep.

Mental benefits

  • Hugging a body pillow can reduce anxiety and depression, and make you sleep comfortably. As a result, you wake up feeling well-rested and full of energy.
  • The pillow also reduces the tossing and turning episodes, thereby creating a comfortable, relaxed environment for you and your partner.
  • The dakimakura in an attractive cover can create a cozy, inviting look for your bed.

Airlim, an influencer with over 19K subscribers did an unboxing review of his waifu combo package. If you are having some hard time getting the perfect dakimakura kit for you or your otaku friend, here's the perfect dakimakura combo for you! It contains:

⭐️ 1x Basic Inner Pillow (150 cm)

⭐️ 1x Travel Case

⭐️ 1x Dakimakura Cleaner Roller

⭐️ 4x Scented Sachet (Assorted Scents)

⭐️ 1x FREE Peach Skin Dakimakura of your own choice.

These are the must have bundles in owning a dakimakura for a level up experience! Gift a body pillow this holiday season and experience the extra comfort while sleeping! 

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