Custom Pillows | Make Your Own Photo Pillow

As a big Anime fan, you must drool over those incredible anime products. What about when you have the opportunity to create your one-of-a-kind style pillow? At Anime Dakimakura Pillow, start your journey by customizing pillows with your favorite designs and characters. Be it a sofa, head, or body pillow, design your cushion with custom size and graphics and decorate your space with your favorite characters. The process is too easy, just like the fun game show. You Pick, You Select, and We Make.

Choose a design and get ready to roll

From striking anime graphics to your own pictures, you can create any funky design on this custom body pillow by choosing the pictures and mail us for the final preparation. Do it in just four steps -

  1. Pick an image that is 1,417 x 4,251 pixels and 120 and above DPI
  2. Rename the image file to the name-front.jpg and upload the file
  3. Place your order once done with the process
  4. You can also send us at

Custom Pet Theme Hugging Pillow

Get your pet's picture imprinted and seize your love for them in this soft hugging pillow. You can avail a custom body pillow by selecting your pet's picture of high resolution and send at our mail address. Moreover, we have some special attributes that make it even more reliable -

  • Smooth and Natural
  • Great Stretch
  • Durability
  • Optimum Thickness

Design with your favorite Cartoon Character

We all have one cartoon character that we love the most. Choose any animated or cartoon character you admire and get imprinted on the pillow, whether it's Charlie Brown or Daffy Duck.

Pick the size you want and get cozy with this velvety pillow. To add on, these pillows are made with premium material and have great flexibility.

Personalized with your special picture

Create your pillow with your favorite picture, be it yours, friends or family. Customize the pillow according to your taste, and you can also give it to someone as a memorable present. These custom pillows can instantly change the whole vibe of your space and enhance the home's beauty with a personalized touch.

Add a nature theme to your corner

Modify the pillow with a leafy pattern or flora design and turn your home into a stunning place. Go with a wildlife and forest-based theme, imprint it into the pillow, and create an aesthetic vibe. For more inspiration, place the cushion as a sofa pillow. Curate your space with amazing printed pillows and magnify beauty with the overall look.

Create your personalized pillow with us

Customizing the pillow is like creating art with impeccable designs and exquisite character. Now imprint your most loved design on our soft hugging pillows and get ready to sleep and roll like a munchkin. These pillows are super soft and get printed with advanced high-tech technology. You need to pick the high-resolution image, upload it with a proper name, and add it to the cart for the final order.

But don't restrict yourself when it comes to the variety of pillow items, be it Bakuman, Havoc, or Attack on Titan. Check out these products and explore the website for more anime variety.

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