SALE-ADP Alchemist Atelier Special Edition 錬金術師 Onahole | OH-OT-087


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"In an alternate world where all humans have disappeared, the final human left alive is an Alchemist. Desperate to leave descendants, she travels the world, experimenting with semen to discover it’s properties. She brews several different potions of sperm and inserts them into her own body, hoping to find the secret to save humanity."

The Alchemist's Atelier is a parody Onahole by ADP based on the Japanese RPG alchemy video game series, Atelier. 

This male masturbator is a single-layer, hand-held type with a 3D tunnel consisting of a series of alternating ridges, bulges, pockets and balls. The end of the tunnel also features a large ridged chamber that creates a pleasurable suction effect. The combination of these features along with her curved tunnel contributes to a magically stimulating sensation along the entire shaft of your penis. Running with the alchemy theme, the box features beautiful artwork of a cute young alchemist woman mixing enchanting potions.

Open the box up and you'll also find magical alchemist designs and a short narrative in Japanese. This wonderous male masturbator is also supplemented by 120ml of high-grade "Rosemary Lotion" (lubricant) made from "herb extracts" and "alchemy materials" that can be combined with the Onahole toy to make the magic happen.

Add the Alchemist's Atelier to your toy collection and transform a simple hard-on into a magically climactic finish!


Onaholes are a line of masturbatory aids that are becoming increasingly popular in Japan.The term "Onahole" comes from the Japanese words "Onani" (Masturbation) and "Horu" (Hole) combine the two words and you get the idea, simply it's a male masturbator device, pocket pussy, artificial vagina/anus/mouth etc.

In case you are unfamiliar with two layered or dual-layer onahole design, it is where the walls of the tunnel is made from a different material than the rest of the item. This type of design allows for one material that may produce a better tactile feel on the outside while another lines the inner tunnel for a better experience during use. 

  • High-Quality Parody Onahole
  • Single-Layer, Closed-Hole Type Male Masturbator
  • Portable and Durable with Highly Stimulating 3D Tunnel
  • 120ml Bottle of High-Quality Lube "Rosemary Lotion"
  • NOTE:
    • Always Clean your Onahole after using it.
    • DO NOT Share your Onahole to others.


Enhanced the knowledge of Your Body - Through experimentation with sex toys, men/ladies will become more responsive to their own pleasure, which may lead them to interact in additional economical and effective throughout their future relationship.

  1. Heightened Self-Confidence - People who have a lot of knowledge of their bodies and their sexual desires become a lot of self-confident in their sexual life.
  2. Controlled Orgasms - The range of toys and also the ability to use them with efficiency leads people to succeed in controlling their orgasms efficiently.
  3. Control Sexual Needs - The utilization of sex toys permits to regulate what, when as well as how they have pleasure. Varying speeds, points of pressure, and completely different toys provide a satisfying and gratifying expertise to be controlled by them.
  4. Good for both Physical and Emotional Health - Originally, Sex Toys was actually invented as a medical tool. Masturbating is a therapy used to stave off “hysteria" — a term doctors applied to depression, anxiety, or emotions in general.


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SALE-ADP Alchemist Atelier Special Edition 錬金術師 Onahole | OH-OT-087


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